The new REFMATE – Flexible, durable, versatile

Here in Switzerland, we are pretty good at certain things – quality, accuracy, reliability. Making the REFMATE truly Swiss.

The digital Manifold REFMATE has been developed by professionals, for professionals. With state-of-the-art technology wherever high-tech means real improvement. And with tried-and-tested features if they have benefits in daily use.


With its sophisticated functions the REFMATE is optimally tailored to the harsh working conditions in the field. Instead of a touch display, the REFMATE has sturdy, intuitive buttons in combination with an easy-to-read patented colour display with analogue pointers. Inhouse calibration of the sensors guarantees high precision with accuracy class 0.5.


It’s practical too – the REFMATE can be locked for long-term measurements on construction sites. And for the power supply either AA batteries or a USB source can be used. Depending on the light conditions and environmental factors, shortcuts allow an easy adjustment of the screen settings. The latest refrigerants as well as regular software and firmware updates are available free of charge.


Finally, the REFMESH App connects peripheral devices and consolidates information. Data can either be stored in the REFMATE, in the app and/or in the cloud, and can be made available in various formats to other users or customers.