Union Industries race ahead for Xtrac

Union Industries is helping a growing Berkshire manufacturer to keep its new facility extension properly segregated.

Thatcham-based Xtrac, which specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced gearboxes for the top-level motorsport and high-performance automotive industries, required an effective solution to segregate various areas of its new extension.

Union Industries designed, manufactured and installed a Picadoor and two Static Fabric Industrial Partitions to create a 3-sided static enclosure, resulting in two isolated areas within Xtrac’s extended CNC Shot Peening and Mastra department. The new Fabric Partitions have enabled Xtrac to make the best possible use of space within the new extension to its facilities, creating new areas for material stores and shot peening equipment, in order to help prevent the cross migration of contaminant airborne particulate and help to maintain temperature control.

The Picadoor, which was originally created as a bespoke product for an existing customer is one of Union Industries’ smaller, lighter weight, fast acting doors and helps to maintain temperatures and reduce energy consumption in small internal applications. The door has a variable speed motor, inverter system inside the panel for controllability and is ideal for small internal doorways where regular access is required, but environmental conditions also need to be maintained.

Established in 1984, Xtrac has become recognised as the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of transmission systems for a wide client base in the automotive industry.

Andrew Jackson, Senior Process Engineer at Xtrac said, “This is the second time we have worked with Union Industries and we have been impressed by the high level of quality and customer service we have received.

The Picadoor and the Static Industrial Partition will enable us to divide the new extension efficiently. Our company operates 24-hours a day, so it is essential that we protect against cross-contamination and anything that could hinder our steady and streamlined operation. Thankfully, with Union Industries’ assistance, we can feel confident that we have the necessary fixtures in place to support and strengthen productivity.”

Henry Patterson, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, added, “Like so many of our clients, Xtrac was a returning customer and we were more than happy to help the company find a solution to fit in with its recent extension, following the company’s strong period of growth.

“Xtrac wanted to recreate the success of last year’s installation and, with the addition of the Picadoor which enables the easy access and movement of staff, the company’s latest order will provides a long-term, cost-effective and safe solution to segregate the factory.”

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