Catching up with Flawless CBD

We started a Vape distribution company four years ago and through hard work and dedication, we have grown to become one of the largest distributors in the UK, supplying over 4,500 stores. We saw the potential CBD had a year ago when selling some of our partner brands, so decided to set up Flawless CBD last September and concentrate on becoming the leading distributor for CBD products.

Not only did we want to bring some transparency into the market, we also wanted to partner with the best brands from all over the world and bring them to the UK. We like to think that our hard work, research and due diligence into the companies and brands we represent has paid off, however there is still a long way to go. We want to set up organisations and committees, to help people learn and understand more about CBD and raise the awareness of how CBD how can help our customers.

We want to work with the best brands out there, scientists, research teams and government bodies, to make sure everything is done correctly. We are in the process of helping set up the UK division of ACTIVE – (Association for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Innovative Ventures in Europe) to bring together the leading players, brands, research scientists, legal teams and more. We have a few shows lined up this year in London (Natural Products) Berlin, Stuttgart, Miami, Paris, Madrid, the CBD & Hemp show again in September and a few more to be confirmed.

We have some new products we are very excited to be launching in the next few weeks. Somnio CBD are launching Cbd edibles including Tea bags, chocolates and coffee beans and increasing the very popular skincare range Harmony: Anti age/Anti wrinkle serum, Eye serum for dark circles and puffy eyes, and an Acne Serum, Harmony launching their new flavour, Love hemp the new e-liquid line, CBD FX with the new disposable terpenes and their new skincare products. It’s all very very exciting!

We are a distributor of CBD products so we look to partner up with the best brands, those that have all the correct protocols and procedures in place with all the necessary accreditations and lab reports and analysis. These companies that we look to work with pride themselves on sustainable farming practices and non GMO and products which are 100% natural. We want to try and ensure Flawless CBD is the leading distributor in the CBD world. We pride ourselves on being a company that’s built on the right values and morals and want to educate the customers into buying the right products necessary for them.

We saw a growing trend from the US and the partner brands we worked with over there. We trialled the products that are beneficial and right for them first, selling CBD FX vape liquids last January, then looked to slowly increase the range and then partnered up with some more brands. We saw the positive and health benefits it was then having on people in the UK and decided to set up a separate division to concentrate on CBD products only and all types not just Cbd Vape.

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