UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Industry Update is pleased to announce as the winner of our Outstanding Achievement Award, UNISIG, for its constant dedication to innovation and customer care.

Established in 1981, UNISIG has over the years garnered a glistening reputation as a leading global provider of deep hole drilling machines, accessories and related services. After being acquired by Entrust Manufacturing Technologies and relocating to Wisconsin in 1995, the company saw heavy investment, previous industrial limitations were contested, and UNISIG began stretching the boundaries of what could be achieved in the industry. Today UNISIG offers an unrivalled state of the art product line, installations of which can be found throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

UNISIG works closely with its customers to ensure that appropriate solutions are provided and requirements are met to the highest level of specificity feasibly achievable. The company boasts a lengthy history of achievement, through which customer satisfaction is consistently met irrespective of technical challenges. Regardless of a customer’s experience in deep hole drilling, UNISIG is happy to help, and consult customers on ensuring that they receive the most cost effective and efficient support possible. The company also invites its customers to visit its Wisconsin production facility while their machine is in the manufacturing process to witness how the machines are constructed, and to see for themselves the kind of standards that UNISIG adheres to when putting together its machinery.

The machines that the company produces are all manufactured by engineers that have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its challenges. All UNISIG engineers are trained in advanced 3D modelling and simulation tools, which leave UNISIG capable of producing virtual prototypes. Throughout the engineering process, the company applies various ISO, DIN and AGMA standards, which ensure that UNISIG adheres to the highest standards and regulatory stipulations. All castings, forgings and weldments are sourced locally, and all critical components are manufactured in the company’s Wisconsin facility, wherein handsome investment has been poured into equipment, tools and training.

UNISIG offers an express delivery service that allows quick shipment of all of its standard models, all of which will have been tested rigorously at the UNISIG tech centre. The test centre provides extensive prototyping services, which aid in reducing risk of new process development and are often the foundation upon which product development and improvement is exacted. If a customer requires a machine that can’t be found as part of UNISIG’s standard product range, the company offers bespoke solutions, wherein customer requirements can be met through custom built machinery, all adhering to the same disciplined standards as the rest of the UNISIG product line.

Over the last 12 months, the company has launched an additional five models in its USC-M product series. The machines offer deep hole drilling and milling centred for the mould industry.
The machines boast a sustainably stronger milling capacity, and offer robust support for indexable gundrill tools as well as some BTA tools, which halves production times for mould manufacturers, thus maximising profitability and production capacity. USC-M series products offer an extensive spectrum of solutions for manufacturers; these solutions include heavy weight table capacities, automatic tool changers, a rotating A-axis, and intuitive controls on each machine. There is a diverse range of capacities and options, with either universal or dedicated spindles.

As well as introducing new products to its already extensive range, UNISIG has recently begun the process of upgrading pre-existing models. UNISIG’s Philipp Steimle tells us “We are currently upgrading our UNI and UNE series of drilling machines, which are mainly used in industrial environments, contract manufacturing shops and the medical field. Simplifying integration of automatic loading and versatility will reduce cost and lead times significantly.”

The installation of UNISIG UNE series machines is simple and painless, and includes training at UNISIG’s training facility to ensure that new operators are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with machine operation and process optimisation. The machines are designed to house technology that supports accurate and efficient drilling as well as having smart controls for intuitive operation and setup, all of which is achieved while the machine remains cost effective. The machines drill with high levels of precision, and they can handle prototyping, job shop and medium volume production environments without stress, making them extremely efficient.

The UNI series machines are production deep hole drilling applications that have been designed specifically for high accuracy at high volumes, and are able to create a flawless solution for more tasking applications. Making the largest impact at the lowest cost the UNI machines fuse known, reliable components with new and innovative technologies, all of which come as a result of UNISIG’s own leading research and development. The machines offer an impressive and diverse range of functions and capabilities, including gundrilling options, BTA drilling or a combination of the two, and frequently integrate conveyors, robotics or other automation technology in order to optimise production.

Future plans for the company are to continue to provide the quality of products and services that the company has become so well known for, as well as increasing its presence throughout the international drilling community.

Philipp Steimle says “As a supplement to this global presence, UNISIG attends over 15 shows every year to raise awareness of their products and services. The most important show this year will be the EMO show in Hannover, where we will show a robot loaded gundrilling machine on our booth. As well as being present at numerous trade shows, UNISIG also has a website where you can find out more information about their full range of machines and technical services.”

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