Virtually any display solution at unbeatable prices

Industry Update is proud to announce that Crystal Tech Electronics has been chosen to receive our Display Solutions Company of the Year award, for its continued commitment to offering only the highest quality bespoke electronic displays and touch panels. “We are extremely proud of being selected by Industry Update for this award,” said Colin Saunders, Managing Director.

Established in April 2003 by Colin Saunders, who boasts over 30 years’ experience in LCD design, manufacturing and marketing, Crystal Tech Electronics has continued to expand over the years to ensure it is offering a comprehensive range of display solutions to its customers, with a mission to provide highly competitive solutions while maintaining low costs.

“While market conditions have been tougher than in previous years, we have grown our turnover and customer base by offering new products,” Colin explained. “The introduction of our larger TFT graphic display modules 10.1” to 15.6” has specifically increased our sales, especially in the electronics medical market sector. We have further extended our product range by introducing high quality capacitive touch panel solutions. Also, we have now introduced highly competitive OCA optical bonding, which substantially reduces unwanted reflections and eliminates display fogging in outdoor applications.

“We’ve met our sales forecasts, and more than this, we see stable growth in the near future, with a growing number of new customer bespoke developments rapidly nearing completion and entering mass production.”

Crystal Tech Electronics offers full technical and logistic support to its worldwide customers for its Prime Principal Yeebo Displays. Offering support from concept to container, the company also provides plastic moulding and full turnkey manufacturing services to ensure customers always receive the best solution.

Indeed, thanks to offering direct contact with its design and application teams, Crystal Tech Electronics can ensure that customers receive a display solution with the highest standards of quality, long-term availability and the lowest cost of ownership from initial NRE. The company also offers an extensive range of standard displays, from 1.3” to 15.6” with CTP and high luminance backlights.

“We hold samples and preproduction quantities of most standard types in the UK, and can also offer ‘no MOQ’ either delivered to the UK/Europe or FOB Hong Kong. Our Principal has invested heavily in new display technologies and capacitive touch panels. Our fully automated robotic production lines result in high yield and top quality products, and we welcome visitors to our factory in Jiangmen to see this first hand and to carry out any audit,” Colin explained.

In addition to supplying fully customised TFT and Mono Displays, Crystal Tech Electronics can now also offer associated interface boards for virtually any standard such as eDP, MIPI, LVDS and HDMI. The company is also working with a large Japanese supplier of System on Chip solutions and the company’s Principal Yeebo also now offers resized/bar cut TFT modules, which eliminates the need for expensive custom TFT NRE.

“Although we are a small team in Europe, we are 100% supported by Yeebo Display Ltd’s vast technical, quality and marketing resources,” Colin said. “We also have a substantial European Distributor network, which provides excellent customer support. We provide local technical support covering the latest product information, and further technical support directly from Yeebo’s experienced R&D team. We stock nearly all of Yeebo’s standard range of TFT modules for delivery anywhere in Europe within 48 hours.”

Over the last 12 months, Crystal Tech Electronics has increased both its workforce and distributor network to bolster its continued expansion. “To support our growth in Europe, we have appointed a further two major specialist distributors,” Colin continued. “In summer 2019, we moved to new prestige offices in Basingstoke and held our first distributor training course. We have also further developed our penetration into the medical electronics sector, with two new major customers. Quality standards are very high in this area and our partner’s factory has been successfully audited by one of the largest global medical equipment companies. We have also recently appointed a new Financial Director from the healthcare industry.”
Looking to the future, Crystal Tech Electronics will be continuing to develop and improve its product range, while working to offer its customers consistently unbeatable prices. “As the monochrome LCD Display business has reached maturity, we intend to increase our market share as many manufacturers leave this area in favour of colour TFT Displays. While our Principal Yeebo has developed fully robotic TFT module lines, our firm intention is to also increase our domination in monochrome technology including high end VA Displays with ‘in-cell CTP’.

“Our five year goal is to further reduce costs in order to offer our customers the best possible price/performance display specifications. This can only be achieved by being at the forefront of display technology, with fully automatic production lines and unique bespoke display solutions to provide customers with the best MMI experience. Above all, we will maintain the highest quality requirements of the medical device market, and further develop our penetration in this sector.”

Certainly, Crystal Tech Electronics is well-placed to continue its successes over the last 16 years, as it continues to offer customers the highest quality LCD/TFT modules at the best prices.

“I would like to thank all of our staff, the close special 17 year relationship with the managers and directors at Yeebo Displays Ltd, and the close cooperation with our customers in the UK and mainland Europe. I would also like to thank our investors and financial institutions for their continued support,” Colin concluded.

If you would like to find out more information on Crystal Tech Electronics’ full range of products and services, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

T + 44 (0)203 287 6886