Weigh price labelling specialists

DIGI Europe Ltd was recently awarded the Weigh Labelling Company of the Month feature. Established in 1989, they are the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Teraoka Seiko, which has been running since 1925.

Based in Haverhill, Suffolk, DIGI Europe Ltd are market leaders in the development and supply of advanced industrial weigh price labelling equipment for industry and retail. Working with a range of sectors, they supply equipment for red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy, bakeries and ready meals. They have been at the forefront of weigh price labelling technology for 30 years, and their superior products are used by numerous of the world’s leading food processing and distribution companies. With a wide selection of products, DIGI Europe Ltd offers comprehensive solutions for a plethora of weigh labelling requirements.

We spoke to Victoria McKenna, Pre Sales and Marketing Coordinator, about what makes DIGI Europe Ltd stand out among its competitors. “Essentially, we are professionals in our field. We specialise on weigh price labelling equipment for the world’s food production facilities, which means we have a focused expertise in the food industry and the market area of our customers. Through years of experience and discernment, we are able to offer advanced technology that is continuously being developed to keep up with the demanding market requirements, and in doing so means we can keep a step ahead of our competitors.”

DIGI Europe Ltd always aims to maintain a presence at various trade shows, and will be attending the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt, between the 4th and 9th of May. IFFA is the leading international trade fair for the meat industry and this year, DIGI Europe Ltd will be revealing three new and updated products.

The exhibition will help to get their new machines out and in front of potential customers, offering a middle ground to show people their recently developed technology. They also usually meet with other subsidiaries of the DIGI group from around the world, who often bring their customer base with them. This means DIGI Europe Ltd can promote their new machines to an extensive range of potential customers. What’s more, they can bring along their retail machines with them as well, offering a crossover of industrial and retail solutions that customers might not have access to or be aware of outside of the exhibition.

These machines are new versions of the HI-700, MI-700 and LI-700D standard machines. The HI-700 is a high speed dynamic weigh price labeller, offering flexible label handling for increased production line efficiency. The PC-based machine allows easy integration with the user’s existing machines and networking, and the dynamic weighing and high speed labeller offer up to 120pmm, which increases productivity. The colour touch screen allows easy and quick programming and PLU selection, and the machine has a quick release conveyor system. With fast application, the labeller has a large label roll diameter and a 300dpi thermal
print head.

The MI-700 is an automatic single frame weigh price labeller, with similar benefits to the HI-700 including a colour touch screen, quick release conveyor system and a 300dpi thermal print head. In addition to these, it can produce packs up to 80ppm and comes in a compact design, so its single frame can be fitted into a production line where line length is limited.

What’s more, it can be combined with a sleever/C’wrap type machine; the unique software and hardware communication package combined with the ease of a multi pin connection means the combining of these machines is a trusted and reliable process.

Finally, the LI-700D is an entry level dynamic weigh price labeller, offering a single framed module design and a three-conveyor machine. It is PC-based like the HI-700 and MI-700 machines, and due to its compact design, it can be fitted into production lines with limited line space. Offering line speeds of up to 65ppm, its classic labeller is flexible with a choice of thermal head sizes and label applicators.

The new versions of these machines, which will be revealed at the IFFA show in May, offer higher speeds and more efficient technology. The HI-700 HS, MI-700 MS, and LI-700D LS are updated, stainless steel machines, providing adjustable conveyors for a smoother transition and in doing so will assist with accurate label placement on every pack. These new and improved devices are streamlined to offer precision when labelling items. In addition to these machines, DIGI Europe Ltd will also be showing their DPS800 manual weigh price labeller at IFFA, an established popular machine with their customers.
Recently they moved into supplying retail equipment as well as industrial, and this venture has led to DIGI Europe Ltd’s technology being used in numerous high-end stores. Indeed, this retail technology has taken off just as quickly as their industrial machines, meaning their customer base is constantly expanding.

“Because we are taking on even more customers, we are now expanding our team, as well as our premises to cater for the increasing demand. Every department at DIGI is growing, and we are placing a lot importance on all staff members within the company, by offering extra training to nurture the skills and experience we already have in the team.”

It is clear that DIGI Europe Ltd is an established expert in weigh price labelling equipment, offering specialised knowledge and experience to provide industry and retail with the most appropriate solutions for their requirements. If you would like to find out more information about DIGI Europe Ltd’s products, head to their website or use the contact details below.

T +44 (0)1440 712175