Caring for calves

Within this issue of Industry Update, we have chosen to select UK leading company, The Calf Company as the recipient of our Livestock Specialist of the Month.

Managing Director, Alan Barrow, first established the Calf Company in 2008. With their base in Cheshire, the company offers their customers an abundance of services including calf milk replacers, housing, supplementary products, specialist embryo services, calf health and advice.

“How I would describe our services is that we are a specialist calf consultancy company, because we have our own breeding unit, we are able to provide tried and tested products backed up with solutions to maximise the needs of livestock farmers,” therefore adding value to your business, Alan Barrow, Managing Director.

As calf rearing specialists, The Calf Company offers a complete package for livestock producers, with the highest quality produce and livestock. Included within their product range, a selection of Premium Milk Replacer options and Calf Supplements, expertly developed to provide the best nutrition for the specific breed, age and requirements for the calf, the range provides a wealth of growth and blooming needs and is suited to both dairy and beef calves to grow into the next generation of livestock.
The Calf Company looks after their customers through care and experience. Proud of their mission of ‘Caring for the next generation,’ The Calf Company delivers expert advice on care services such individual feeding plans, producing a tailored plan made from their own knowledge of calves’ and customer’s needs. “The way I explain it,” Alan continued, “Our way of thinking is that if you don’t ensure from the offset that the calf has received the right start, even in its foetal stages, then it will cause problems later, it’s like a cog is missing from a machine – it will not work as efficiently as possible.”

Producing the highest quality care for calves and heifers is of the utmost importance to The Calf Company who ensure that all of their product and services meet the highest welfare standards within their calf housing options, they meet all EC rules and legislation. The Calf Company also provides the best care for their livestock on their breeding unit in Cheshire. “We pride ourselves on offering a fully rounded service with customer service before and after sales to make sure our customers and calves receive the best treatment,” says Alan Barrow.
The Calf Company in a range of trials have shown that milk powders provide a greater live-weight gain than whole milk-based diets, and a recent study indicated that they do so at a lower cost, using milk replacer rather than whole milk will save you up to £31.08 per calf over eight weeks to weaning. Milk powders offer calves rearers a greater level of flexibility, management ease and disease control. We also guarantee consistency, quality and a superior nutrient content with added vitamins and pro-biotic aids for gut heath.

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