Your vital link to business continuity

In this issue of Industry Update, we are proud to announce that we have selected Constant Power Services Ltd as the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award.

For over 30 years, Constant Power Services Ltd has been a solutions provider supporting businesses seeking quality, uninterruptible power supplies, installation and aftercare.

“We appreciate the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understand that it can all change in a second, which is why we are the best support for progressive businesses looking to manage, maintain and protect their business from power failure,” stated Chris Cowley, Commercial Manager.

Finding smart ways to help customers to manage their operations is always at the forefront of the company’s mind which is why some of its clients have stayed with them for over 20 years. Its portfolio consists of a range of products from smaller 700va uninterruptible power supplies to 6.4mva systems, containerised units for hire or purchase, generators, switchgear, and maintenance contracts. Chris added, “if you are looking for an uninterruptable power supply for a new building, inherited a UPS from a recent acquisition or simply want to upgrade to a new system so that you can get the service and support you require, we can help.”

Establishing strong relationships with a mutual respect, Constant Power Services Ltd.’s years of expertise in taking full ownership of the task at hand has meant it has been maintaining business continuity since the late 80’s. “Our turnkey solutions are tailored to our customers’ requirements, and we provide a vital link to business continuity. Working with our customers requires great communication and this is something we pride ourselves on. Support is integral to our business which is why communication, respect and ownership form our internal values, as they come so naturally to us,” said Chris.

In recent developments, Constant Power Services Ltd has opened a new office near Glasgow, Scotland which boasts 4000sqm of warehouse space to which the company is able to hold products and spares inside delivering a swifter response to customers’ requirements. Chris stated, “we have also expanded our Multibox product range by introducing the Multibox 800, a 20ft containerised solution. This enhancement to our fleet means we can provide temporary rental solutions for larger projects that require a UPS while building works are being carried out. Additionally, we have launched a new service to complement our existing service packages, offering customers four- and seven-year remedial packages. Our new service offers maintenance works alongside customers’ existing service contracts and should be seen as an enhancement and extra security, prolonging the life span of customers’ equipment and ensuring that it is working to its optimum.”

Power is critical for businesses, and it is of the upmost important to Constant Power Services Ltd to provide a quick, reliable and proven service that its customers feel supported by. Boasting years of expertise and experience in the industry, the knowledge of its staff is of the highest quality. Add to that the support of its parent company, Riello Electronnica, which adds another string to its bow having the full support and expertise of the manufacturer at its disposal.

In closing, we asked Chris what commitment to excellence means to the company, he replied. “We are constantly appraising and reviewing our performance with customer input. We ensure that our ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation is on point giving us the added commitment to upholding the standards across the business. We are also committed to ensuring our environmental positivity is clear by not only reducing the business’s carbon footprint, but by giving energy through our solar panels on the building back to the grid.”

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