Are you putting your employees at risk?

Industry Update is proud to announce that AQMesh has been selected as our Air Quality Monitoring Company of the Month.

Amanda Billingsley, Managing Director

AQMesh is a small sensor air quality monitoring system which is transforming the air quality monitoring world. Conventional air quality monitoring uses laboratory standard equipment in air-conditioned enclosures which look similar to shipping containers. This significantly limits where the monitoring can take place, especially if space is a concern.

The AQMesh is a much smaller and portable system, meaning local air quality can be monitored wherever it is needed. The readings are transmitted by phone network to the company’s server, where they remains confidential to the customer.

“Our product has been on the market the longest of such small sensor systems, since 2010, so we’ve been spending the last 10 years developing it to be used in different conditions and climates. This means it will work anywhere, all over the world,” explained Amanda Billingsley, Managing Director. “It is also very easy to install, taking about 10 minutes, and provides accurate readings throughout its use. It’s a low-cost, flexible option for local air quality monitoring, and each pod can contain multiple sensors. AQMesh can measure over 10 different pollutants, so you can easily manage the risk levels of each one, at any given location.”

Indeed, many companies may be curious about the air quality their employees are exposed to but not be aware of how much it can vary over a short distance or how dangerous poor air quality can be. “A lot of employers don’t know the level of exposure their staff have to bad air pollution, which can be very harmful and even carcinogenic. If you don’t know whether your air quality is an issue for staff, using AQMesh is an easy way to find out,” Amanda said. “We have many users who use AQMesh to understand this issue ahead of any legislation or enforcement.”

As a responsible employer it is crucial to protect employees from the harm that can be caused by poor air quality. AQMesh can be rented for a short period, meaning it can be moved around to different places at a facility or working environment, to see how air quality varies throughout the location. It is also an excellent way to measure whether opening a window is letting in pollution from outdoors. For instance, if an office or other site is located next to a main road, factory, or even a car dealership, outdoor air pollution is often higher and therefore there is a greater risk it can affect the air quality inside the building.

“It’s so important for employers to understand how poor air quality can affect health, for both indoor and outdoor staff. Air quality varies hugely over short distances and how far the employee is from the pollution source, so a conscientious employer would want to know what the pollution level is and what risks it poses. AQMesh can do this in an efficient and cost-effective way,” said Amanda.

As well as constantly developing appropriate new sensors for the AQMesh system, such as wind speed and direction, the company is also improving its remote diagnostics capabilities. “We want to make it as easy as possible to use the device wherever you are in the world, so we’re creating the option to upgrade and fix the equipment remotely so it will carry on sending readings for years. It’s all about keeping it working in the field with minimum effort, getting it used correctly in as simple a way as possible.”

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