Returning to work with an Indoor-Air of confidence

2020, with respect to COVID-19, has undoubtedly provided people around the world with some of the biggest challenges of their lives. Here in the UK, employers are making provisions to get their staff back to their work places post furlough.

Screens, sanitiser and social distancing will form the employers’ package of care, but what about their air-conditioning systems?

Conflicting messages have come from industry & Government bodies like the Health & Safety Executive, leaving employers confused and not sure what to do.

Often, they are leaving their air-conditioning systems switched off, resulting in a hot and uncomfortable environment.

While Seeley cannot offer answers to the pandemic above those in authority, during these ever changing and learning times, we would like to share a solution that can help this situation and tick several other boxes in the process. We proudly present to you Climate Wizard, the award winning in-direct evaporative cooler.

Providing 100% fresh air, these robust units are built to the highest specification.

The coolers are intended for applications with no or little re-circulation, so effectively purging the space of pollutants, dust and germs.

Quoted by many international bodies including CIBSE, ASHRAE, Eurovent & REHVA, the more fresh air and the least re-circulation will provide the most benefits to people in indoor situations, to avoid the risk of catching the virus.

Climate Wizard can work in a variety of situations, making it flexible to apply to new projects or retro-fit.

As a cooler on its own it can provide the complete cooling needs of a building, ensuring the occupants experience the most comfortable room conditions and the highest indoor air quality.

Combined with other HVAC equipment as either a pre or supplementary cooler, it will enhance any existing system and potentially provide a large percentage of the annual cooling demand.

Using only water and electricity, Climate Wizard will not have you in a quandary about refrigerant legislation. We cool wisely with water and no synthetic refrigerants or chemicals to harm the environment.

Our coolers work simply by drawing hot ambient air over the core, which is an air-to-air heat exchanger consisting of dry and wet channels.

Moist air is exhausted and fresh cool dry air is delivered into the space. Climate Wizard’s cooling performance can rival that of refrigerated air-conditioning systems and uses up to 80% less energy.

That’s not only great for reducing energy bills, it’s also great for the environment. So when you consider your companies return to work, think about enthusing your employees with confidence, be a Climate Wizard.

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