CorDEX launches brand new TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera series

CorDEX Instruments has announced the release of the brand new TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera series, comprising a world’s first – an intrinsically safe thermal and digital camera, and a non-intrinsically safe version. Offering ground-breaking affordability in exchange for an impressive array of features, the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM series sets a new industry standard for delivering a compact & lightweight yet rugged thermal imaging device. The new cameras allow users to quickly detect issues, conduct accurate measurements and document findings for remedial action.

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM cameras feature a rich set of new hardware, software and technical specifications designed from the ground up to set the highest standard in the industry. Manufactured from lightweight but tough, aircraft grade aluminium, every single component in the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has been selected with one goal in mind – quality that’s built to last.

With its industry leading, 5 megapixel visual sensor and ultra-bright LED flash, TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM takes crystal clear, high resolution digital images in broad daylight a swell as darker environments. Not only this, but the cameras include a thermal imaging camera, meaning its duel functionality is the perfect hybrid for any occasion. Additionally, the cameras offer adaptive thermal blending, WiFi, on-board analysis tools, a removable memory card and removable battery.

Douglas Walker, Research Director, said, “CorDEX has pioneered an intrinsically safe dual mode radiometric camera. DIGITHERM provides digital and thermal imaging in a compact tough package with a low entry cost. The high resolution visual image combined with the capable 80×60 IR image opens up many application areas. Problem hot spots are easily made visible and located accurately in tough environments.”

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM series is available through select distributors and directly from CorDEX Instruments.

To buy the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM or to learn more about the series, please visit: