Innovative solutions for a changing world

Founded in 1931, but formed in 1997 after a management buyout, NSF Controls Ltd has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Having just celebrated 20 years since the buyout, the company has seen on-going investment in advanced tooling and manufacturing facilities as well as with the development of its accreditations.

NSF Controls is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited and operates from a world-class UK manufacturing base, employing around 80 staff including a number of people from the original MBO team. Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the company manufactures and distributes its products worldwide through an established and trusted network of selected suppliers in Italy, Germany, Benelux, and Israel.

NSF Controls is now recognised as the UK’s leading manufacturer and designer of solenoids, and switches, and is able to supply a number of specialist customised electromechanical assembly services to meet with its customers’ requirements, which is why the company was chosen as our Electromechanical Assembly Services Company of the Year.

We spoke to spokesperson Doug Priestley, at NSF Controls about winning this award, to which he said, “It’s great to be recognised for the hard work we put in here at NSF Controls. We work tirelessly to grow through innovation and service, and remain a leading UK manufacturer.

“Upholding our established reputation for high-performance products and good customer interaction is key to our role as a specialist service provider. Listening carefully to our customers’ needs and responding with practical, innovative solutions, we strive for continuous improvement to maintain the provision of world class standards from a UK manufacturing base.”

In particular the last 12 months have seen great success for the company, with new business and new customers. Additionally in November 2017, NSF Controls appointed a new CEO, Julian Heyworth, who is recognised as an experienced and successful business leader and plans to lead NSF Controls in a new and exciting direction; by continuing to build on the company’s success and expand its range of manufacturing and design services. Doug Priestley further added, “Having our new CEO, Julian Heyworth, at the helm will be a great catalyst in leading the next phase of NSF Controls’ development. We’re excited to be looking ahead and embracing the changes that will be happening in manufacturing and identifying how we can support the technological and engineering complexities of the markets in which we operate today.”

NSF Controls is renowned for its ground-breaking services such as the highly sought after Shut-off Valve. Delivering a more compact, cost-effective solution for smart meter manufacturers, NSF Controls’ Shut-Off Valve was developed originally to meet a new requirement to regulate gas usage. It can be engineered to exact requirements and applied across a diverse range of utilities meter applications, as well as utilising the drive mechanism in other positional locking device uses. There are two successful valves in operation for smart meter applications suitable for installation to either the outlet or inlet port with a customer-specific interface. The MGV Series is a motorised gas shut-off valve whilst the SGV Series is a bi-stable solenoid-operated gas Shut-Off Valve.

The Shut-Off Valve is just one example of the many successful services available and moving forward, the company plans to branch out further and expand. Furthermore, NSF Controls has recently launched many new service campaigns, including “A small part of something big,” which focuses on NSF Controls’ reliable and flexible Electromechanical Assembly Service solutions. With an enviable skill set and manufacturing facilities, NSF Controls’ interchangeable skills used for its core products and special orders are available when customers choose to use the assembly service. With its scalable services, NSF Controls has the flexibility and the multi skilled operators able to deliver precision-produced products from single or several workstations and dedicated or reconfigurable assembly lines for high volume production. Small, medium or large-scale production capacity is available, avoiding the need to commit to factory space and the associated cost implications.

Additionally, from an initial idea, NSF Controls’ in-house experts work with its customers to assess each project’s requirements and provide design for manufacture (DFM) input and guidance to achieve an appropriate solution. Using CAD and 3D modelling facilities, ideas are turned into tangible propositions for assessment and development, with bespoke automated testing an integral element of the production process. Integrated tooling and production facilities combined with unparalleled access to components mean product samples and prototypes are produced quickly and efficiently. This flexibility also means that any necessary product modifications and refinements can be completed cost-effectively. Working to agreed schedules, production is designed to suit the customers’ own manufacturing and product development timescales.

We asked NSF Controls spokesperson, Doug Priestley about what differentiates the company from other electromechanical providers, to which he explained, “With an advanced approach to product development, engineering and technology, NSF Controls offers the widest range of solenoids and switches from a single source anywhere in Europe, with knowledgeable in-house product experts to help design, select and source the most suitable products to meet application requirements.

Recognised for superior quality and reliability, NSF Controls’ specialist components provide a foundation for the development of bespoke solutions, driving forward technological breakthroughs that improve performance & capability of client products & services.

From minor modifications to custom designs for progressive new applications, NSF Controls’ wide-reaching engineering expertise, integrated manufacturing and assembly skills enable all aspects of development to be progressed in-house, with 90% of output customised. In addition to product development & design for manufacture, NSF Controls provides an Electromechanical Assembly Service, which includes a range of assembly support solutions.”

Going forward, NSF Controls’ CEO, Julian Heyworth, said, “NSF Controls is renowned for solving the actuation requirements of today’s technologically complex and changing world. I’m looking to develop UK opportunities and capitalise on those presented by the wider global market. On-going development in our world-class UK manufacturing facilities is also a priority of mine.”

If you would like to get in touch with NSF Controls to find out more about its many specialist services, then don’t hesitate to call today. More information can also be found on the company’s website, listed below.

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