UltimusPlus Fluid Dispensers improve operational efficiency by allowing remote programming directly from a PLC

This network capable fluid dispenser provides Ethernet control with TCP/IP protocol for Smart Factory integration.

Nordson EFD introduces the UltimusPlus fluid dispenser with NX capability. This fluid dispenser provides Ethernet connection with Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 manufacturing integration.

UltimusPlus offers unmatched functionality. Its ability to be 100% remotely managed while also capturing dispense process data are a few of its unique selling points,” said Ahmed Khan, Product Line Manager, Nordson EFD.

The UltimusPlus fluid dispenser with NX capability allows operators to control all dispensing parameters directly from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other manufacturing plant controller. This saves time by allowing the operator to program multiple fluid dispensers from a centralized location. The ability to download the dispense log data directly to an FTP site improves process documentation.

“This also allows users to scrutinize current processes and make decisions to further improve them, which is something that has never been offered before,” Khan said.

In addition, the dispensing parameters can be accessed from a tablet, personal computer (PC), or mobile device using a remote interface. This provides added convenience by allowing users to access and adjust program parameters from any location. The remote interface matches the local interface, providing a streamlined experience for every user.

When used in conveyor or pallet-fed automation paired with Nordson EFD’s automated dispensing systems the system delivers faster, more precise manufacturing process control.


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