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As one of the world’s largest suppliers of integrity and inspection services, MISTRAS Group specialises in providing innovative asset integrity solutions using enhanced services that include asset monitoring, engineering services, advanced and conventional NDT.

It was first established back in 1983 as Physical Acoustics Ltd. Following the name change of its parent company – MISTRAS Group Inc – the company rebranded as MISTRAS Group in 2008 and aimed to fulfil the needs of those within the Oil & Gas, infrastructure, wind energy, refinery & petrochemical and steel industry sectors.

Over the years the company grew significantly, expanding their processes and establishing five sites across the UK including its original base in Cambridge, and four other facilities in Bridgend South Wales, Rotherham, Hartlepool and Aberdeen.

L-R: Jon Watson, Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring, Mark Wilkins, Finance Director, Tim Walsh, Managing Director, Ken Bruce, Delivery Director & Mehdl Batel, VP EMEA Operations at Mistras Group

The past year especially has been extremely successful for MISTRAS Group, having experienced significant growth and expansion. UK Marketing Manager, Peter Hurn told us more. “What has made us successful in the past 12 months,” he said, “is our deep understanding of the technologies we use. It’s a strength that arises from our own product base and extensive research and development, enabling us to match the best technologies to the problem being addressed. We see our biggest challenge is developing the capacity to match the opportunity.

“Our sales over the year have soared, with the UK division currently hitting £20 million and climbing. There is also a strategy in place to double this by 2020. We have invested in our operations and delivery staff, are developing our marketing department and have appointed a new Delivery Director – Ken Bruce, who will be an asset to the team.

“Our rapid expansion is mostly due to our industry leading products and technologies, along with our 24/7 online critical asset monitoring, mechanical integrity (MI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services. This, along with our proprietary world class data warehousing & analysis software, enables us to effectively provide comprehensive and competitive products, systems and services solutions from a single source provider.”

The MISTRAS service offering is incredibly varied; its activities cover everything from advanced & traditional forms of NDT, structural monitoring and tube inspection to confined space & rescue and rope access training. Other areas of interest include asset integrity & RBI services, project consultancy, specialist plant maintenance and the provision of NDT products & systems and data management software.

A particularly notable unit for leak detection applications is the VPAC™ TECHNOLOGY. Valve leak detection has been an important issue for engineers and inspectors for many years as many valves have been found to be leaking after expensive product went to the flare. This is too late in the process and the leaks needed to be found so the valves can be repaired or replaced. There needed to be a portable way of determining a through valve leak and estimating the quantity of leaking material.

The VPAC technology has been developed alongside BP for the purpose of estimating leakage rates through valves to flare in refineries, offshore platforms, and other process plant with flare systems. A key advantage of this software is its ability to function in high noise environments – this comes as a result of the incorporated short-wavelength anti-vibration sensor technology. The success that ensued led to the creation of a joint program (set up by Physical Acoustics, Shell and BP) which encouraged a focus on VPAC use to large valves in upstream oil & gas operations.

In addition to this range, which is being relaunched to the market next year, is the VPAC II. As the latest generation portable system, the VPAC II is intrinsically safe, quick and easy to use. Some of its main benefits include reduced shutdown time, ensured plant integrity and safety, accurate bad valve replacement, improved maintenance reduction costs and the reduction of sellable gas losses.

Industrial and public infrastructure is also a fast-growing area of interest for MISTRAS; namely its asset management services for bridges and other such structures. Clients seeking assistance in this facility can receive information about important elements like material properties, defects, structural condition, costing, safety and integrity. The end goal, fundamentally, is to enable customers with the opportunity to extend the life of their assets whilst improving capacity and increasing profitability. This isn’t at the expense of security, however, as all projects are completed in compliance with government safety and environmental regulations.

“Due to recent economic crises, we believe the sector has undergone a permanent change such that cost effective and innovative solutions are the key to long term sustainability,” Peter concluded. “MISTRAS are now in prime position to be a preferred supplier in providing inspection and integrity services to many of the world’s largest oil companies.

“We are keen to keep delivering a high standard of Asset protection solutions to the Wind Energy Infrastructure, Oil and Gas sectors. Our aim is to streamline our sales and delivery process whilst maintaining the title of being a world leader in Asset protection solutions. We feel it’s a sign of greater things to come for MISTRAS and its team!”

For more information about MISTRAS and any of its dedicated services or products please contact the group using the details provided.

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