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Industry Update is incredibly pleased to announce that the international cooling technology company Clivet has been specially selected to receive our highly prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award in light of their consistently excellent products and technology.

Edoardo de Pantz, Clivet Group UK General Manager, accepts the Outstanding Achievement Award

Clivet was first set up back in 1989, based in Feltre, Northern Italy, by Bruno Bellò. The company initially started out specialising in producing high quality chillers and heat pumps and after much success and increased demand for more services, they branched out and began to produce specialized systems based on Roof-top units, Water Loop Heat Pump Systems and residential systems.

For over 25 years now, Clivet have been designing and manufacturing expert temperature technology, such as ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling and heating technology, for use in multiple applications across a wide range of industries. Although based in Italy, Clivet have subsidiaries all across the world, including the UK, Germany, Russia, the Middle East, Dubai, India, and Spain. Not only that, but thanks to their strong and robust distribution network, they are able to export to up to 70 countries, meaning their technology can be found all over the globe.

As the standard of living across the world has gone up, so too has the standard we expect when we step into a building. This goes for public buildings, residential complexes, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, cinemas and much more. Regardless of outside conditions, it is expected that our buildings be of a pleasing temperature, with clean air, and hot and cold water both readily available. Thanks to the incredible technology at Clivet, this expectation can easily become a reality.

Clivet always ensure to work closely with the client in order to understand the ins and outs of their building and how best to improve it for all personnel, guests, and in regards to long term running costs and energy ratings. One of Clivet’s innovative solutions includes a series of specialised systems designed to optimise the overall efficiency of a building compared to traditional systems. Although each building is different with different needs, this smart system can be used with any building to optimise their energy output. The system has a range of benefits, including its ability to improve the entire building’s energy usage, minimise their carbon footprint, reduce running costs, and cut down on installation time, all of which contributes to the building’s energy rating and hence its value on the market.

Clivet rooftop and heat pump units were installed at the EATALY pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan. The EXPO was dedicated to Italian biodiversity. Overlooking the main street of EXPO, EATALY was not just a restaurant but a place celebrating biodiversity: food processing, human, landscape & art.
The pavilion covered 8,000m2, divided into two buildings, plus a large garden. Along with specialties cooked by the best Italian chefs, EATALY offered visitors the opportunity to admire 350 masterpieces of Italian art, from the Middle Ages to now. For visitor comfort in the two buildings, 10 Clivet rooftop systems & six Clivet heat pumps were installed – chosen by consultant Cefla for their energy efficiency & ease of installation.

One of their proudest projects involved working on a historic building called the Palazzo Edison, a popular business centre in Milan. In 2015, Clivet worked on the building and installed an Enhanced Hydronic System, enabling air renewal, air purification, and reducing the overall management costs. Not only this, but Clivet also managed to completely eradicate pollutant emissions on site, successfully reducing energy consumption, as well as redesigning the space allocated for technical plants and hence reducing the visual blight upon the building, restoring its former charming appearance.

The industry renowned Enhanced Hydronic System, which features specially engineered fan coils, can be found in different industries the world over, and can be used in both new constructions and restructuring projects. It is responsible for achieving over 30% in global annual energy savings, an unrivalled double digit CO2 emissions reduction (leading to better tax deductions and annual cost-savings).

Clivet are one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced technology and they specialise in three key areas: multi-scroll technology, heat pump technology and thermodynamic heat recovery. Multi-scroll technology was developed as an alternative to traditional solutions like screw compressors, and comes with a range of beneficial features. Multi-scroll technology is used to modulate system capacity in single or multiple refrigeration circuits. It is the least expensive form of modulation, features a Copeland™ qualified design, has zero electromagnetic interference issues, and with no extra oil management hardware required to boot. This technology can be found in a large number of Clivet’s products and is ideal for those seeking to increase their annual energy savings. Clivet’s chillers utilise this technology and have amassed a hugely impressive 80% share of the market as a result of their stellar efficiency, sustainability and reliability. One such example includes the SPINCHILLER3, which according to requirements by Eurovent, has a full load capacity in Class A.

Clivet’s innovative heat pump technology is also regarded as among the best in the industry and uses only 25% electricity and 75% energy from the atmosphere for its heating system. Built for commercial use, their heat pumps are designed to achieve energy savings of up to 40-50%, and have proved hugely successful among businesses seeking to reduce energy wastage and optimise their building’s energy efficiency. Although usually using air, which is available everywhere, some heat pumps use water if required to suit the client’s needs. Another popular method is to use the ground as a source of exchange, using underground circuits (geothermal probes) arranged in a horizontal or vertical position.

Clivet’s WLHP (Water Loop Heat Pump) can be found all across the world in large public and private buildings such as shopping centres, office complexes and hotels. Whether it’s hot or cold, the WLHP can be used to provide the most comfortable climate inside the building for staff, customers and more. Water-air or water-water heat pumps are used to produce energy which is then efficiently transferred to and from hot and cold zones using the loop circuit.

This heat pump technology can be seen in many of Clivet’s products, one example being their brand new and highly exciting AQUA Heat Pump Water Heater. The indoor product, which also comes with integrated sanitary storage, provides domestic hot water of up to 65°C, and boasts a Class A+ rating in accordance with the ErP Directive. It can even be used in extreme temperatures, whether that be -20°C & freezing or +43°C and sweltering. Manufactured using an enamel steel tank and a magnesium anode, which protects against corrosion and hence encourages product longevity, the tank is available with both sizes of the water heater, 190 and 300 litres. There is also a heat exchanger wrapped around the tank that boosts safety as it stops contamination between the refrigerant and water.

Thermodynamic heat recovery technology is another innovative technology used in Clivet’s products, one example of this being their ELFOPack, an impressive feat of engineering that covers heating, cooling, dehumidification, domestic hot water and ventilation. The ELFOPack Reversible Heat Pump is a true marvel of technology. The multifunctional heat pump unit features active thermodynamic heat recovery and a fresh air flow rate of 100m³/h. With its smart technology, it is able to quickly adapt to the load conditions and thermal load of the room. The unit uses electronic filters which pumps air at an efficiency of 99.9%. On top of this, the ELFOPack features thermodynamic recovery whether it’s winter or summer thanks to its controlled mechanical ventilation. The production of domestic hot water is free in the summer and exceptionally cost-effective and efficient in the winter. Under certain conditions, it even allows free cooling. With low running costs, low carbon outputs and a simple and easy installation with minimal disruption to surrounding areas, the ELFOPack is among Clivet’s most marvellous and sophisticated systems.

L-R: Graham Evans, Clivet Group UK Residential Heat Pump Business Development Manager & Edoardo de Pantz, Clivet Group UK General Manager

Air-conditioning units are another crucial system around the world, particularly in countries below the equator. It doesn’t take long for buildings of any size to heat up during the day, and by the time the sun is at its peak, it can be extremely difficult to work whilst inside- even leading to health conditions. This of course has a severe knock on effect on productivity and hence overall earnings. As such, air conditioning is paramount around the world. Clivet has a wide range of air conditioning units, including the AQX. The AQX air-handling unit has a number of features, such as an aluminium alloy frame, concealed intermediate sections, an antivibration bellow, thermoacoustic insulation, water gravity humidifying systems, 7 different materials to choose from for the internal and external sheets, smooth internal surfaces that facilitate cleaning and disinfection, DIDW quality fans, noise reduction capabilities and much, much more. The specialist unit is ideal for use in hospitals, clean rooms, and the food industry.

One of Clivet’s most frequently purchased systems is their highly regarded Packaged System. Offering the very best in cost-effectiveness, this solution takes care of air renewal, conditioning, treatment and purification in a whole host of different buildings, from shopping centres to restaurants, bars, production areas, airports, conference halls and even discos. It is designed to accommodate spaces requiring widely differing air renewals needs, whether it’s for a large or small space.

Heated or cooled energy is only produced when needed then sent to the necessary area via an innovative air distribution and diffusion plant, then ducting and diffusion terminals. The served areas are all independent of each other so that each area gets only the energy needed to produce the most optimal indoor climate.

Clivet’s Packaged solution is a popular solution for many for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to its ability to severely reduce management costs thanks to its highly efficient refrigeration circuit, airflow control and more. Not only this, but these cost-saving systems also come with a range of units, with capacities from 13 to 376 kW and airflows from 600 to 16.700 l/s, allowing them to suit different buildings based upon whether they require medium, high, crowding or full-fresh air. On top of this, the system can be added to and enlarged over time if the building expands or extends in anyway. As all of the units are independent and autonomous of each other, the system can be expanded and served areas can be modified to create new energy destinations.

Over the past two decades, Clivet have managed to establish themselves as a global leader in the production and supply of first class cooling and energy equipment. We spoke to Edoardo de Pantz, the General Manager at Clivet Group UK, about some of the company latest accomplishments, to which he explained, “Most recently, we have managed to successfully form a partnership with the Chinese company MIDEA which has allowed us to explore and develop new technologies, increasing the production capacity of our production facilities.”

de Pantz added, “In 2017, we reached an outstanding milestone as we were able to grow by 20%. As well as reflecting all the hard work and dedication demonstrated throughout 2016 and 2017, this leap in growth has secured us a positive and strong start to 2018.”

As for the future, he explained, “We have exciting plans here at Clivet to venture into the residential market, extending our reach and enabling us to offer our services to a wider and untapped market sector, expanding our overall client base.”

If you are interested in improving the climate within your building, then be sure to get into contact with Clivet today using the number below, where one of the friendly and assistive team can help you find the product to meet your needs. If you wish to find out more information on the company and their many solutions, then don’t forget to check out the website detailed below.

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