Smart, compact, safe – the door locking mechanism CTM

In addition to the obvious need for high levels of safety; economic efficiency and machine availability were key considerations during the development of the highly innovative door locking mechanism CTM from Euchner. At only 120 x 36 x 25 millimetres in size, the switch can be installed inconspicuously within machinery. The novel ball actuator supported on an elastomer bearing can even secure doors with extremely small pivoting radii.

The bistable guard locking function of the safety switch CTM ensures that guard locking remains in its momentary state if the power fails or the installation is switched off. This will keep the door locked if it was already locked before. If guard locking was not previously activated, the door can be opened and closed as needed, with or without power being applied. This has obvious benefits, eg. when cleaning down the equipment following a production run.

Installation and wiring couldn’t be simpler with multiple switches able to be wired in series, reducing the need for multiple evaluation devices or safety IO in high risk areas. The CTM’s intelligent communication capabilities future-proof it for Industry 4.0. The integrated interface permits connection to IO-Link Master units via the ESM-CB evaluation unit.

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