Mezzanine supplier reaps benefits of going global

Three years on from becoming a global organisation, MiTek Mezzanine Systems reflects on the advantages for the business and its customers.

Back in February, Mezzanine International Ltd – along with its sister companies, Mezzanine Europe GmbH in Germany and Cubic Designs Inc. in the US – rebranded to MiTek Mezzanine Systems, creating the first global mezzanine company. In reality, with Cubic acquired by MiTek back in 2013 and the UK and European companies acquired in 2017, the business already has three years of global operation under its belt. Over that period, it has been implementing its philosophy of ‘Global Partnerships, Local Solutions’ through its bases in the UK, Continental Europe and North America.

“The business has secured a number of benefits through having a global presence,” explains Scott Chambers, MD UK and Europe for MiTek Mezzanine Systems. “We’ve been able to share these benefits with customers, and this has definitely helped us to secure new contracts.”

Global gains
What have been the principal benefits of being global? “The ability to leverage economies of scale has been key,” says Scott Chambers. “Our size means we are able to secure savings in many aspects of the business – particularly in research & development and procurement – that mean we can provide even better value for clients.” He believes another important advantage – especially for customers with an international footprint – has been the ability to deliver a consistent standard of mezzanine structure anywhere in the world. “We provide a wider, more unified service network,” says Chambers. “We also have the capacity to handle very large-scale projects, which we find is increasingly required by our integrator, general contractor and end-user clients.”

In addition to its own resources, MiTek Mezzanine Systems is able to draw on the expertise of its parent group. Part of Berkshire Hathaway, MiTek is a leading supplier of engineered products, software and systems to both the commercial and residential sectors of the building industry. The group comprises more than 40 companies that operate in almost 100 countries worldwide. “It’s undoubtedly reassuring for clients that this kind of infrastructure underpins our business,” says Chambers. “It’s also attractive for employees to know that there are global career opportunities and there’s a level of business resilience. This has been evident during the pandemic, when we have benefited from excellent IT support to enable a swift and seamless switch to working from home.”

Mergers and acquisitions often facilitate the sharing of expertise, and this has been the experience for MiTek Mezzanine Systems. Since its origins almost 35 years ago, the company has completed over 10,000 installations worldwide for brands including Amazon, ASDA, DHL, DPD, H&M, Lidl, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Tesco, The Hut Group and Toyota. “This is a significant amount of experience that all clients – not just the large, international ones – benefit from,” states Scott Chambers. “We have a depth of expertise in diverse market sectors that customers really value. Then there’s the shared investment in R&D, which means a faster rate of innovation.”

Speed to market
Global scale can secure important benefits in terms of agility and procurement. “Speed to market is a phrase we hear increasingly often from clients,” says Chambers. “Of course, the faster we can deliver a mezzanine project, the sooner the customer can profit from their investment and gain competitive advantage. Fortunately, being a global business helps us to harness new technologies and hone our processes to minimise project timelines. In addition, the robustness of our own supply chain allows us to be agile and deliver solutions on time.”

Speed to market is proving particularly important in the growing e-com sector, which is an important growth area for MiTek Mezzanine Systems. “E-com’s demand for space for fulfilment and returns makes mezzanines the ideal solution,” explains Chambers. “In addition, the increasing trend to automate these processes is driving demand for stronger mezzanine floors – such as our Mezzanine7 solution, which is up to seven times stronger than a standard mezzanine – to support heavy automated equipment.”

Local know-how
According to MiTek, global reach needs to be balanced with local presence to ensure success. “Having experienced teams on the ground is imperative to really understand the client’s business and its evolving needs,” says Scott Chambers. “Combined with knowledge of local regulations and culture, this local expertise enhances communication, minimises risk and speeds up delivery. It also helps to future-proof our mezzanine solutions, taking account of the client’s future growth. Ultimately, this future-proofing is what ensures long-lasting relationships with our customers.”

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